Madi Diaz – ‘Man in Me’

Photo credit: Lily Pepper

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Madi Diaz has announced she has signed to ANTI- Records and shared the video for debut single ‘Man in Me’. The song, produced by Madi with additional work by Andrew Sarlo (Big Thief, Bon Iver), finds her looking back on a past relationship: ‘It’s a very intimately visceral moment, a sort of play-by-play inner monologue, taking my first steps through a really hard time’.

There is plenty of Julien Baker-style guitar reverb around Madi’s powerful vocals, while the delicate piano playing underpins the importance of her learnings: ‘If it wasn’t real, why do I still feel it? Did we mean it all?’ The chorus – ‘Tell me now who’s lips I was kissing. I was kissing the man in me and the woman in you’ – is also a frank account of Madi’s feelings at the confusing and painful situation.


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