Holiday Ghosts – ‘Mr. Herandi’

Photo credit: Mr. Herandi

Brighton-via-Falmouth-based band Holiday Ghosts have announced they have signed to FatCat Records and released a video for new single ‘Mr. Herandi’ ahead of the release of their third album ‘North Street Air’.

Bringing to mind revered acts The Kinks and Violent Femmes but also cult contemporaries including Jeffrey Lewis and Daniel Johnston, the new song finds Katja Rackin and Sam Stacpoole taking aim at capitalism and the way it crushes creativity – something that has become increasingly apparent over the past few months and years.

They especially look at how unfair a deal landlord/tenant situations (‘All the lines are directly factual to the situation we were in at that point and his name really is Mr Herandi. We also recorded it in his house which was directly above his letting agents’) can be: ‘I think about my landlord, why can’t he pay to fix this shower, he’s a wealthy man’; ‘Ohh… he’s a filthy man’.


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