Sufjan Stevens shares Luca Guadagnino-directed video for ‘Tell Me You Love Me’

Sufjan Stevens has shared the Luca Guadagnino-directed video for ‘Tell Me You Love Me’. It finds the singer-songwriter and director collaborating for the first time since Call Me By Your Name with Luca saying the song, which featured on Sufjan’s eight studio album ‘The Ascension’ perfectly capturing ‘The aching feeling of loving and wanting to be loved’.

The song finds Sufjan lamenting his loss of faith in everything and pleading with the subject to ‘tell me you love me anyway’. Gently gliding along with ambient electronics and layers of vocals, the fragility in Sufjan’s state of mind – and vocals – becomes clearer as he goes on to say ‘My love, I wish I was a photograph. Perfect and lovely in a frame. Tell me you love me. My love, my life could be an epitaph. Something to write upon my grave.’


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