Fresh – ‘Girl Clout’

Fresh band stream Girl Clout on YouTube Spectral Nights

Fresh have shared new song ‘Girl Clout’ – an impassioned rally against the toxic masculinity that infects our culture (and especially the music scene). Lead singer Kathryn Woods says the song’s themes ‘include power, not being taken seriously by male musicians and bands, and being tokenised. It’s also about seeing through performative male allyship, owning your space in punk music as a woman and venting your frustrations through good old-fashioned rock and roll’.

Kathryn says she wrote the song in two minutes – the running length of the song – and as soon as the four-piece jammed it, they knew it had to be released into the wild. You can hear the venom and anger as she sings ‘I feel a constant lethargy, the pressure to say yes. No one will take me seriously. I want to be the best’ and picks out those bands who ‘Play shows with us for girl clout’ amidst a sea of frantic and frenzied punk hooks.


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