Annie Blackman – ‘Why We Met’

New Father/Daughter Records signing Annie Blackman has shared her sublime new single, ‘Why We Met’. Hailing from Montclair, New Jersey, Annie draws inspiration from her diaries, schoolwork and the Notes app on her iPhone for her visceral observations and her next run of singles capture her later college years and post-grad life. She’s already shared stages with artists including Field Medic and Soccer Mommy, too.

‘Why We Met’ is a heartfelt and melancholi piece of alt folk that finds Annie looking back ona beautiful moment where she felt a connection with someone – but words could not do either person’s emotions justice: ‘You’re scared of leaving and I wonder why we met. Lift the bottle to your lips and tilt it back’. It finishes, rather aptly, with some pondering about what it means to miss out on love: ‘Almost ask you if you wonder then the moment’s passed. Turn to face me, lift the bottle to your lips and tilt it back’.


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