Dead Nature – ‘Hurricane’

Photo credit: Khalil Musa

Dead Nature – the solo project of former Spring King frontman Tarek Musa – has shared new single ‘Hurricane’ ahead of release of debut album ‘Watch Me Break Apart’ on 25 June. This time around, Tarek is tackling the climate crisis in his unique, breezy style: ‘I’ve never been good at being overtly political. I don’t feel smart enough with words to express myself to the level some do, but the song for me was a nudge in that direction.’

Referencing purveyors of smart pop like B52s, The Clash and Wreckless Eric in the press release, this uptempo slice of indie-rock also has elements of Jack Antonoff’s production in its infectious energy. Tarek opens the song with a simple request – ‘Tell me world, where the hell do I belong? We lost control and everything is going wrong’. He talks about struggling to breathe and having dreams about losing teeth before he decides to have a dance amidst a crash of pummelling drums. This is followed by a whirlwind of fuzzy guitars and synthy beats that surround Tarek’s simple, repeated plea: ‘I don’t want to fight a nuclear war’


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