Me Rex – ‘Heart of Garbage’

Me Rex have shared the video for new single ‘Heart of Garbage’ – a song that finds Myles McCabe trying to make sense of where we fit in the modern world with all its toxicity: ‘The central metaphor is of a plant trying to grow in a poisonous environment. The song is about digging out space, providing light and clean water, trying to create the circumstances under which growth can happen’.

Opening with a burst of jangly DIY hooks that fall somewhere between A Great Big Pile of Leaves and Jeffrey Lewis’s more upbeat moments, Myles opens the wordy lyrics with the truthful declaration ‘Hey aspirational TV, meet fragile masculinity’ before looking back on his own behaviour and explaining how ‘We will tear into the oldest wound and gouge out what the truth is. Find out my heart is made of garbage, body bloody, sore and fruitless’. The admission that he’s been alienating friends is a running theme throughout: ‘Perspective’s all we found in these negative spaces. I am sorry, you are sorry everybody is fucking sorry.’


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