Half Waif – ‘Swimmer’

Photo credit: Ali Cherkis

Half Waif, the project of Nandi Rose, has shared the video for new single ‘Swimmer’ ahead of the release of new album ‘Mythopoetics’ via ANTI-Records on 9 July. Directed by Kena Hynes, the video rounds off the story told in all previous releases from this album cycle, while the song itself delves into something incredibly personal: ‘I wrote ‘Swimmer’ after visiting my aunt, who has Alzheimer’s. I’ll never forget the summer we were swimming at the lake where our family has a cabin – her mind was already slipping, but her body was still strong enough to swim across to the other side. It was incredible, how both things could be true. Now the only way I can reach her is through music.’

The fractured yet melodic pop sound – falling around the Perfume Genius scale – captures the heartbreak and emotions as Nandi sings about how ‘I am loving you with my fingers on your shoulders’. Nandi goes on to recall how ‘I wanted to sing for you so I’m going to sing for you. I hope you’re listening, wherever you are’ and this raw depth of feeling captures these complex experiences – especially when she considers her aunt’s swim: ‘You are stronger than I ever was’.


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