Squirrel Flower – ‘I’ll Go Running’

Squirrel Flower, Ella Williams’ project, has shared new single ‘I’ll Go Running’ ahead of the release of new album ‘Planet (i)’ via Full Time Hobby on 25 June. She’s also announced she’ll be supporting Soccer Mommy on a US tour later in the year. A slow-burning and stirring anthem, ‘I’ll Go Running’ finds Ella offering observations on the ‘Darker side of being an artist – the pressure to make things brand new, shocking, to give everything away and open yourself completely without always getting intentional listening and consumption in return’.

The confessional tones (‘I’ll tell you everything. I’ll give away every part’), emotive and sparse instrumentation and repeats of the phrase ‘I’ll be newer than before’ bring to mind Tori Amos’ early work while there are also hints of art rock in the swaying and experimental tones that grab you on every single listen.


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