Buffet Lunch – ‘The Power of Rocks’ album review

Buffet Lunch The Power of Rocks album review

Buffet Lunch started recording ‘The Power of Rocks back in early 2020 before the pandemic struck and was finished remotely. This unplanned break gave the Edinburgh/Glasgow four-piece the chance to take stock and add even more ideas to the album’s already varied sound…

The woozy and wonky art pop of ‘Red Apple Happiness’ opens the album in style – think The Coral duelling with Arab Strap – before ‘Orange Peel’ combines rolling and jagged guitar hooks with a David Byrne-esque vocal delivery. The band get political on ‘Pebbledash’, as they let out their irritation at those out-of-touch politicians who never seem to – or want to – understand the needs of those they deem beneath them. It’s a short, sharp and spiky 80 seconds that leads perfectly into the slacker stylings of the title track.

‘Ten Times’ slows things down with Broadcast-esque atmospherics and guest vocalist Jayne Dent of Me Lost Me pondering how ‘Ten Times you were busy’ in ghostly fashion. She harmonises while the band explore different layers of sound with a compelling curiosity. ‘Looking at Liz Talent’s Chair’ is firmly back into the indie-pop – or should that be bop? – vein with an optimistic declaration of how ‘This love will last’ being delivered over a groovy bass line. The dancing will continue through to ‘Said Bernie’ – an anthem with a samba beat, angular guitars and a warning to ‘listen to me’.

‘He Wore Two Hats’ tells the story of a man who has a habit of biting off more than he can chew as he wants ‘the best of both worlds – and the worst’. It’s somewhat akin to Eddie Argos fronting The Goon Sax or Field Music. The album closes with ‘Ashley’s New Haircut’ – a measured dream-laden piece that settles everything down after the excitement and melting pot of ideas that have come before.

Tuck in to this Buffet Lunch… There’s so much on offer.


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