Callum Easter – ‘What You Think?’

Photo credit: John Mackie

Callum Easter has shared the video for ‘What You Think?’ – the opening track on his new album ‘System’ (out on 3 September via Moshi Moshi). Tackling the state of ‘everything’ right now and trying to focus on the positives, Callum says about the new song: ‘What do I think about the world today? ? I want to believe there’s love and goodness despite the evidence of news reports, fragments of conversations overheard, dripping like acid on concrete. I know how lucky I am, most of us are, despite the deep veins of anxiety running through our lives. So what do you think about the world today?’

Opening with a repeated question of ‘What do you think about the world today?’, the song then finds Callum talking about second guessing things and running around circles in your head against a musical backdrop that is equal parts Frightened Rabbit, former Lost Map label mates Savage Mansion and stomping ’70s glam rock: ‘I keep thinking of where we are, the good, the bad, the light, the dark, I keep thinking of this kind of love, I keep thinking how times are hard’.


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