Bleachers – ‘How Dare You Want More’

Photo Credit: Carlotta Kohl

Bleachers have shared a live performance video of new single ‘How Dare You Want More’, a soul-searching song Jack Antonoff says is made for the live setting: ‘Over the past few years i found out things about my family that challenged some of the myths of our structure. I’ve felt rage, fear, darkness etc around it, but at the end of the day what I am left with is that everybody wants a little more and going out there and trying to get it is something that can produce a lot of shame in people. so … How dare you want more?’

Leaning fully into Tom Petty/Springsteen-esque showmanship – complete with duelling battles between guitar and dual saxophones – Jack talk about faith, preachers and how ‘I’m trying to find out who is she without all of this carryin’ fear. Oh god, she’s still my mother and still my wheel’ before defiantly and passionately declaring ‘Hey, lonely wants to stay forever but tonight we’re gonna do a little better’ and how ‘tonight, we’re gonna drown the sound out’. It’s cathartic.


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