Indigo De Souza – ‘Kill Me’

Photo credit: Cara Perry

Indigo De Souza has signed to Saddle Creek and announced details of a vinyl reissue of her 2018 debut album , ‘I Love My Mom’. Inspired by Sparklehorse, Arthur Russel, The Microphones and Happyness, the album was released with little fanfare but the songs soon racked up millions of streams on Spotify. The album title is a tribute to Indigo’s mother, who encouraged her to channel her shyness into songwriting: ‘Over time I realized that she had pushed me out of my shell completely, and performing became a thing that I naturally wanted to do. I couldn’t have gotten to that point without her. It became one of the things that made me feel seen and safe.’

To celebrate the news of the signing and reissue, Indigo has shared a video for ‘Kill Me’, a song that opens with a Fiona Apple-esque plea to ‘kill me slowly’ and then a declaration of love for the devil: ‘Kill me in the morning’. Warnings to call your – and Indigo’s – mother to tell them you love them follow before some defiant shouts of how fucked up we all are. Indigo reminisces on a time when things were fine against breezy, grunge-tinged hooks as the song progresses to its climax with an order to ‘Fuck me ’til my brains start dripping down to the second floor in our home’ and then the more self-depreciating admission ‘Tell them that I wasn’t having much fun’.


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