Sister. – ‘Hideaway’

Photo credit: Jon Merlino

Former college roommates (and still housemates) Hannah Pruzinsky and Ceci Sturman have shared ‘Hideaway’, the first song to be lifted from forthcoming second EP ‘Something/Nothing’ (out on 10 September). A quietly stirring piece of alt-folk, Hannah says ”Hideaway’ is that space where someone can exist wholly. That secret place where you can be without a guise, without fear, you can never reveal too much. It’s a desire for the safety that intimacy holds’.

As the song progresses, extra layers of instrumentation are added, climaxing in a burst of goosebump-inducing percussion. The lyrics are full of poignant questions as the duo try to find comfort in the arms of a loved one and ask ‘Can I just feel like I am when I’m with you?’


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