Ducks Ltd – ’18 Cigarettes’

Photo credit: Rob Carmichael, Chritiane Johnson & Laura Hermiston.

Toronto duo Ducks Ltd (formerly Ducks Unlimited) have shared new single ’18 Cigarettes’ ahead of the release of debut album ‘Modern Fiction’ via Carpark Records on 1 October. Partly inspired by an Oasis performance of ‘Don’t Go Away in 1997, the new single finds the band looking back on a time in their lives where they were trying to work out a number of things – both personally and socially: ‘Smoking 18 cigarettes, giving 2 away. Thinking smugly ‘How does anyone smoke a pack a day?”

Delivered against a backdrop of melodic C86 guitar hooks, the band then start to evaluate past actions – and own them: ‘Contemplating messes made. Reflexive self-regard overlaid. Lock and key, I wanted things to stay. How they would not stay. I’d ask you to explain but it’s not your problem. Oh, I’ve been in a state’.


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