Lindsay Munroe – ‘Weekend Love’

Manchester-based singer-songwriter Lindsay Munroe follows up ‘Need a Ride’ with ‘Weekend Love’ – a fun look back at a no-strings relationship: ‘Weekend Love’ reflects on the inherent humour of two quite earnest people trying to embark on a casual relationship. It’s a fun song reflecting a fun time – two people living in different cities, seeing each other for a few days at a time and, for me at least, providing a bit of an escape from weekday life.’

Recalling Mitski or Marika Hackman with confident guitar stabs and stirring synth-led moments, the song finds Lindsay recalling waking up on New Year’s Day with her suitor and descibing how ‘I know that you can’t stay and that’s the novelty’ before listing the things that have brought her some joy in this casual bond: ‘I don’t play games, all I want is honesty’. It then moves on to if there is a future: ‘Tryna keep it unplanned, losing at the first hand. I draw lines to make you slow down. But I just wanna know now what we could become.’ LindsayMunroe · Weekend Love


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