Foxing – ‘Draw Down the Moon’

Foxing follow up 2018’s incredible ‘Nearer My God’ album with ‘Draw Down the Moon’ – a record the now three-piece claim is their most far-reaching and experimental yet…

‘737’ opens the album in subtle, swaying style as Conor Murphy declares ‘I feel like a 737, painted over and over again until the paint gets too heavy’ – keeping up the Foxing tradition of cryptic metaphors in their lyrics. He then repeats the words ‘I can’t do this alone’ over an ‘I’m Wide Awake’-era Bright Eyes alt-folk sound before an about-turn finds the song closing in a noisy crescendo of healthy screams, electronic beats and ferocious drums. The eminently danceable ‘Go Down Together’ has a melodic groove running through it although the subject matter is somewhat darker with Conor discussing swimming in mercury and dying in your sleep. ‘Beacons’ continues with the electronic-tinged melodies but now with added falsetto – and it’s a festival anthem in waiting. You can already picture people chanting ‘Nobody shut me up’ in unison. The Phoenix-esque title track follows with a positive statement of defiance and belief: ‘I’m never gonna stop loving you. If I would, I would have done it by now’.

‘Where the Lightning Strikes Twice’ is another huge-sounding song that has a Killers’ esque chorus delivered with undeniable passion and ear-piercing riffs scattered throughout while ‘Bialystok’ slows things down as Conor reminisces about lazy days watching television on the couch with a significant other – and how much he misses this when it’s not possible: ‘I feel so homesick, everywhere I go without you’. Acoustic strums and the eye-opening statement ‘Oh fuck, here it comes again’ signal the start of ‘At Least We Found the Floor’ – a soul-searching slice of twinkly emo that also offers nods to The National with some Berninger-style baritone vocals and Los Campesinos’ more reflective moments. ‘Cold Blooded’ has Conor rasping ‘Nothing makes me cry, I must be cold blooded’ over drums that seem constantly on the brink of collapse (in the best possible way).

The penultimate ‘If I Believed in Love’ is another synth-led, slower song with deeply personal observations (‘If I believed in love, I’d keep it to myself’) that soon turns into more of a potent pop sound, before the album comes to a close with seven minutes of experimentation and psychedelia on ‘Speak with the Dead’.

While the title of the album is ‘Draw Down the Moon’, it’s abundantly clear that Foxing are shooting for the stars – and achieving their goal – once again.


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