Motorists – ‘Vainglorious’

Photo credit: Michelle Lemay

Toronto jangle-poppers Motorists follow up ‘Through to You’ by sharing the video for ‘Vainglorious’ ahead of the release of debut alun ‘Surrounded’ via We Are Time, Bobo Integral and Debt Offensive on 3 September. Although it has a breezy and melodic feel, the song finds the band confronting how the people in charge are always willing to say the right things in front of an audience but their actions never seem to match up to these promised: ‘We have seen this with our (Canada’s) prime minister’s smiling embrace of environmental justice causes, while actively campaigning for and benefitting from the Canadian petrostate off camera’.

The songs starts with Real Estate-meets-The Shins indie-rock hooks as the band take the subject of the song to account, urging them to ‘Take a look at what you’ve done, we know you’re not the only one’ before a short and sharp breakdown creates a sense of urgency – something those the song takes aim of would be wise to act upon.


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