Brutalligators – ‘Coffee & Codeine’

Hertfordshire-based quartet Brutalligators have shared ‘Coffee & Codeine’ – their first ‘proper’ single (none of us want to count out Christmas songs, do we?) in almost two years. Released through Beth Shalom Records, the single was produced by Tom Hill and finds the band examining the effect of the end of a cherished relationship, with Luke Murphy saying ”Coffee & Codeine’ is about the kind of breakup that leaves you completely empty and unable to deal with the world. You dont want to eat, you don’t want to sleep and you’ve just remembered you still have some good codeine in the cupboard from an old ankle op.’

There’s a twinkly emo sound in the opening notes that are soon given a rougher pun-rock edge as Luke talks about having an awful feeling in the pit of their stomach. The bandmates join in with a chanted Pup-meets-Joyce Manor shout of ‘Don’t want to eat, just give me coffee and codeine while I lay down on the floor’ – and you sure can identify with this need to feel something.

To celebrate the release of this single, Brutalligators have joined forces with The Brew Project to release their very own blend of coffee, that you can order here.


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