Orchards – ‘Leave Us Here (We’re Fine)’

Photo credit: Jessie Morgan

Orchards follow up last year’s incredible debut album ‘Lovecore’ with the vibrant and important new single ‘Leave Us Here (We’re Fine)’. The song finds the band once again showing their desire to live in a safer and more accepting world – something we can all get behind. Lucy Evers says: ‘This song means exactly what it says on the tin. Leave us here, we’re fine. We know what we want and where we want to be and we are screaming to get back there. ‘Leave Us Here, We’re Fine’ was one of the working titles for our debut album and it has always been a sentence that stood out and meant a lot to us. After the events of last year, lyrically we wanted to say exactly how we were feeling. Not to expose the lyrics completely (because whatever they mean to you is completely valid) but for me they were a release. A kick back at establishment at social expectations.’

Full of mathy melodies, squelching guitar riffs and a jaunty, almost-Britpop (think early Blur) rhythm section running throughout, it’s the kind of sound that instantly lifts your mood – and as we’ve already mentiond, the defiant lyrics just add to the outpouring of joy that things can – and will – get better eventually: ‘We’re sitting calm and collected, you said we’re wasting time, we’re just patiently optimistic, so leave us here, we’re fine’.


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