Orchards – ‘Drive Me Home’

Photo credit: Jessie Morgan

Orchards have shared ‘Drive Me Home’ ahead of the release of new EP ‘Trust Issues’ on Big Scary Monsters on 26 November. Described by the band as an ‘anti-love song’ – ‘It’s that moment when you’re out and you see your ex who’s wrecked and even though you know you shouldn’t help because it ended horribly, you know full well you’re going to look after them regardless. It’s that moment. That brief moment in time when you care for someone you used to love’ – it opens with the band’s trademark exuberantly mathy yet jangly hooks but there’s a more considered tone in Lucy Evers’ vocals as she lets her caring nature (‘I’ve been told I’m the one to drive you home’) take over despite the fact ‘it’s clear to see you never wanted this in the first place’…


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