Sea Power – ‘Folly’

Photo credit: Hollywood

Sea Power follow up ‘Two Fingers’ with ‘Folly’ – the latest single to be taken from upcoming new album ‘Everything Was Forever’ (out on 11 February, 2022). With a classic and anthemic ‘Waving Flags’ feel running throughout the sound, the song finds the band looking at the way the human race tends to sleepwalk from one catastrophe to another disaster – and right back again – while seemingly having the time of our lives: ‘And when the end is near, bummed out, you just don’t care. And when the end is now, come then, you just don’t know’; ‘You are gonna wake up in a different world’. There are also nods to the climate crisis – ‘Does it make you feel worse? When’s it gonna happen? Are we all fucked?’

Poignant and powerful words from a precious band.


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