Soot Sprite – ‘Night Thirst’

Exeter trip Soot Sprite have shared ‘Night Thirst’ ahead of the release of new EP ‘Poltergeists’ via Specialist Subject Recors on 29 October. Opening with a somber tone – both in vocal delivery and the guitar tone – the song finds Elise Cook looking back over a past relationship and the devastating effect it left on her: ‘I wrote this towards the end of a relationship just before the first lockdown, and how it made me feel like the problem was with myself and my own baggage and how I felt it would be difficult for someone to love me. I blamed myself and not my emotionally manipulative partner. And it made me feel incredibly alone” she says of the song.’

Elise offers apologies over a swaying Cocteau-meets-Beach House sound and devastatingly reveals all about the hurt she’s feeling: ‘I’m sorry I’m too heavy to carry right now, all this baggage is weighing me down’. Melodic harmonies signal a turn into a more hopeful direction towards the end but the scars will take time to heal.


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