Sprints – ‘Modern Job’

Dublin-based quarter Sprints have shared ‘Modern Job’ – the first song to be released from upcoming EP ‘A Modern Job’, out on 11 March 2022 via Nice Swan Records. The song finds Karla Chubb looking back on her past and how important it is to accept yourself for who you are: ‘Modern Job is a critique of modern existence but also an exploration of growing up queer. In your formative years, you are bombarded with media, books, news that depict what a “normal” life should be. Grow up, fall in love, get married… long live the nuclear family. By contrast when you grow up queer all these ordinary things can seem extraordinary, out of reach and in some parts of the world, illegal. It leaves you feeling lost, excluded and confused. I wanted ‘Modern Job’ to capture those feelings; chaotic energy, loneliness and longing of normality while trying to find acceptance within yourself.’

Over thunderous garage rock riffs and fast-paced drums, Karla opens the song by stating ‘I wish I was bolder, I wish I was brave’ before listing many other societal ‘norms’ that people expect you to adhere to, all of which contribute to feelings of loneliness and frustration: ‘I want it all, I wish I had it all’. It feels like Sprints are going to be a vital band very, very soon.


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