Deanna Petcoff – ‘If You Were Me’

Deanna Petcoff If You Were Me video
Photo credit: Nadia Doss

Now signed to Royal Mountain Records, Deanna Petcoff has shared new single ‘If You Were Me’ ahead of the release of her debut album ‘To Hell With You, I Love You’ on 8 April. Deanna started writing this poignant song while still at high school and in an emotionally abusive relationship. It finds her examing what she’d do if in the other person’s shoes and how she would take some responsibility for her actions: ‘I’d slowly but surely lose respect’. While the instrumentation opens in genteel and goosebump-inducing fashion, there’s a burst of defiant rock guitar halfway through that perfectly captures the mood: ‘I would tell you all the things I would change’.


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