Crake – ‘Bobbie’

Photo credit: Ash Scott

Inspired by Frank Frazer Darling’s ‘Island Years, Island Farm’, a book about how the author made temporary homes in the Hebridean Islands while researching seabirds and seals, Crake’s latest single ‘Bobbie’ finds Rowan Sandle taking on the mantle of his wife, Bobbie – who appears only as a periphery character in the ramblings: ‘Some events are factual… But other things are more speculative, imagined and questioned’.

With a gentle folk opening with sublime yet jangly guitar hooks, Rowan recounts a passage from the memoir when Bobbie is in need of medical attention but no doctors are around – meaning she and Frank have to rely on a vet to get the help they need: ‘That’s when I decided I’d love you through it all’. This visceral storytelling continues through as Rowan (or Bobbie) then talks about staying out and being answered in anger…

Crake will release debut album ‘Humans’ Worst Habits’ via Fika Recordings on 27 May.


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