New music round-up featuring Thom Ashworth, The Physics House Band, Calvin Love and Weirds

The Physics House Band new song 2017

The Physics House Band – ‘Calypso

The press release for The Physics House Band contained a biography (and ringing endorsement!) from none other than Stewart Lee and this three minutes of proggy goodness shows just how they’ve managed to impress even this harshest of critics. With twists and turns, alien time signatures and insane drums, it’s a song that seems to draw influence from recent tour mates Three Trapped Tigers.

Thom Ashworth – ‘Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

Former Our Lost Infantry frontman Thom Ashworth has been working on solo material inspired by classic folk acts. ‘Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture’ features on his debut solo EP and finds him intricately playing bass while belting out lyrics about leaving family, debts and spilling blood for ‘country and a distant king’. It’s very stripped down and this gives Thom the perfect chance to stretch those incredible vocals. It’s different to OLI, but well worth your time.

Calvin Love – ‘Warm Blindness & A Cool Breeze’

There’s a really sunshine-drenched feel to Calvin Love’s ‘Warm Blindness & A Cool Breeze’. Signed to Super Fan 99, it sounds akin to something off the soundtrack to Flaked and we also heard a bit of Brendan Benson, in both the guitar work and lyrics: ‘I’m stepping out, I’m taking a walk on the sunnier side of the street, but I forgot my sunglasses’. The lead track from an EP that will be released on Super Fan 99 Records, the alt-country and Americana-tinged song finishes with some good old-fashioned pining: ‘Everything will be alright just as long as you’re here with me’.

Weirds – ‘Valley of Vision

Signed to Alcopop! Records, Weirds have been gaining a lot of attention even before they’d released any music. ‘Valley of Vision’ is a psychedelic and aggressive piece which sounds a bit like The Bronx if they were to get their groove on. As a melting pot of genres are thrown into the song, this is a crazy and refreshing piece that gave us the same sense of excitement as when we first heard The Cooper Temple Clause’s ‘Panzer Attack’.



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