Savage Mansion – ‘Elwood’ video


Ahead of the release of debut album ‘Revision Ballads’ (out via Lost Map Records on 15 February,) Savage Mansion has unveiled a video for ‘Elwood’ – a piece of Hefner-esque slacker pop that finds Craig Angus confronting a bully from his childhood: ‘Elwood, if I saw you, I would run a mile. I know you got community service for your latest act of mindless violence’.

Craig then decides to be the bigger man and move on, telling the bully amidst the bouncy hooks and fuzz-laden riffs that he wishes him well for the future, even if it is futile: ‘We said hello at the supermarket last year and I hope it was the last time. And I hope you get on the right track, but I won’t be holding my breath for that’


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