Trying – ‘If I Don’t Get a Job’

Trying If I Don't Get a Job stream

Columbus, Ohio four-piece Trying describe their wholesome indie-pop sound as ‘somewhere between Frankie Cosmos and Slowdive’ and ‘If I Don’t Get a Job’ is the first single to be shared from their new EP ‘I Won’t Let You Lose the Rhythm’ (out on 26 July via Bandcamp – pre-order now).
The song is only 1 minute and 46 seconds long but can’t fail to leave an impression as Cameron Carr first asks a loved one if they’d still live with him and let him buy them groceries (and even ‘vacuum at least twice a week’) before promising to run the subject of his affections’ errands and find them some new favourite bands.
The warmth and interplay between the vocals reminds us of that in Stars and the lo-fi bedroom pop feel adds genuine joy to this affectionate tale of love and worries: ‘And if I get a job and start to get boring. Would you sing with me, keep me going? That’s all I want, my bub’.

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