Rosie Tucker shares video for ‘Habit’

Rosie Tucker album 2019

Rosie Tucker has shared the lemon-drenched video for their new single ‘Habit’, one of many highlights from album ‘Never Not Never Not Never Not’. It opens with Rosie laying their heart bare: ‘I wanna tell you I’m sorry but what’s a couple words? Drops in the Pacific between us’ before going on to admit that even though they wouldn’t go back in time to change things to rekindle this past, they ‘miss what it was’ and then giving the repeated admission of ‘I got a bad habit of holding my tongue’. Rosie follows this up by saying something that will strike a chord with anyone reading this: ‘God, it is so hard growing up’.

Rosie is set to tour with Soccer Mommy and while this is a perfect fit, Rosie leans more to a slacker-pop style with the spikier elements of Weyes Blood or Life Without Buildings. Rosie delivers imaginative and affecting lines like ‘I woke up bereft with no poetry left, except that to be found in sweat stains and coffee grounds. What’s left of the energy spent? Leeping my feet nailed down’ in almost spoken-word style, before pining in nostalgic romanticism – with an awareness that life is finite as they ponswe: ‘Weeks like these, I wish we were still speaking. Are you pleased with the pieces of me you’ll be keeping? You should be, cause life is fleeting’ and ‘I love you even now’.

Order Rosie Tucker’s ‘Never Not Never Not Never Not’ album via Specialist Subject Records here.


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