Gold Baby – ‘Japanese Racehorse’

Gold Baby Japanese Racehorse

Spectral Nights favourites Gold Baby have shared a stream of new single ‘Japanese Racehorse’. Inspired by the story of Haru Arura, a racehorse who captured the whole of Japan’s attention back in 2003 when she tried her utmost to avoid 100 consecutive losses…

Despite a huge swell of public support, Haru Arara still didn’t win on the track even on this special occasion – and it’s the way that the horse still received a standing ovation for her dedication and bringing joy to so many that made Siân Alex examine her own thoughts and feelings when it comes to finding progression: ‘Sometimes we can’t see the value of what we’re doing whilst we’re doing it, and it is only when we look from a new perspective that we remember what really matters. When we stop thinking about the finish line, and see things as they really are, we can find the treasure that was there all along.’

The intricate guitar noodling and emo sensibilities that open the song bring to mind American Football before veering into the kind of thoughtful place that serves Frances Quinlan and her band Hop Along so well. Siân pleads: ‘Take me out of this place, take me past the rat race’ and ‘Take me to the finish line, take me to the promised land’ as the guitars are turned up louder and her dreams become more vivid: ‘I’ll hallucinate, my victory, my coronation’. The song then gently sways along with more hope (‘We brought the horse to water told ourselves she wants to drink, told ourselves we saw her drink Fix the odds, we’ll have it all We’ll make it foolproof, she’ll never fall It only takes money and effort and years The whole crowd cheers! Deserved, sublime!”) before the reality hits – and the realisation that this horse’s dedication is worth so much admiration and applause.



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