Spectral Nights Christmas Countdown 2020: Reuben – ‘Christmas is Awesome’

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It’s been such a strange year and in the spirit of togetherness and community, we’re going to be counting down to Christmas by sharing a selection of our – and our friends’ – favourite festive songs. Today, we’ve chosen ‘Christmas is Awesome’ by Reuben.

Reuben’s Christmas shows* were legendary (and it’s great to have seen Jamie Lenman carry on the tradition in recent years as a solo artist) – but none more so than the one that came shortly after the release of the band’s much-loved ‘Christmas is Awesome’ single. Jamie’s impassioned screams include an apology to birthday boy Jesus for ‘all that ‘nailed to a cross’ business’, a celebration of receiving Doctor Who DVDs as a present and a recollection of how ‘You gotta eat a sprout, you gotta suffer too’ amidst the crunchiest of riffs and sweetest of children’s choirs. It’s not Christmas without it…

Here’s a Christmas bonus – one of those Westy gigs almost in full from Hideous Records’ YouTube account:


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