Spectral Nights Top 5 EPs/mini albums of 2020

Spectral Nights top EPs and mini albums of 2020
Spectral Nights Top 5 EPs/mini albums of 2020

You don’t need us to tell you how much brilliant music has been released over the past 12 months to make things a little more bearable. Here are five of our favourites…

Martha HillSummer Up North (EP)

Recorded entirely in lockdown, Summer Up North found Martha examining her mental health struggles, past actions and platonic and romantic relationships with knowing wit- who knew some rogue onion on a grilled cheese toastie could cause so much aggro?

Uncle LucSimple Songs for Today (mini album)

Another collection of songs recorded during the first lockdown back in the spring when many of us had the chance to take a breather from the constant pings of today’s always-on culture. Recorded on vintage equipment at the singer-songwriter’s parents’ house in Surrey, this was a collection of warm and nostalgic stories against Wilco-meets-Nick Drake-esque backdrops.

KennyHoopla‘how will i rest in peace if i’m buried by a highway?//’ (EP)

‘She’s gonna cut my head off but I don’t care’ is a powerful opening line and this whole EP doesn’t relent as Kenny La’Ron lays bare his feelings on personal anxieties, the concept of fate and how culture can be claustrophobic at times – all against a backdrop of thunderous rhythmic hooks.

Why BonnieVoice Box (EP)

Fat Possum signings Why Bonnie specialise in woozy, dreamlike indie rock – with a touch of twinkly emo – that will delight fans of Waxahatchee and Soccer Mommy. This five-track EP has Blair Howerton sharing her frustrations and anger at the unfair treatment of any female-identifying person and offering an insight into a scrambled state of mind.

Cheerbleedrzlobotany (EP)

Cheerbleedrz – a trio featuring members of Fresh, Happy Accidents and Finish Flag – talked honestly about improving your state of mind and dealing with all kinds of vulnerabilities (from getting drunk alone to not being picked at a disco and crying at work) across these four hook-laden bops that combine elements of emo, rock and even a touch of Britpop in refreshing style.

We also enjoyed mini albums and EPs by Gordian Stimm, Laundromat, Bryony Williams, Tomberlin, Snake Eyes, Snow Coats, Best Ex, Bloods, Be Afraid, Yakima, Talk Show, Pozi, Marigolds and more.


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