Camp Trash – ‘Downtiming’ EP review

A band steeped in mystery, Camp Trash are getting set to release their debut EP ‘Downtiming’ via Count Your Lucky Stars Records.

The distorted pop-rock hooks of ‘Bobby’ opens the EP in refreshing and vibrant style. There’s perhaps a touch of The Lemonheads in the guitar sound as the band plea with the subject to ‘ignore your girls’ phone calls’ and remind them ‘I hope you know you can come by whenever you want’. As the song and narrative progresses, there appears to be an acceptance of moving on: ‘I don’t think she’ll be calling me and I feel better for it’. The twinkly emo sound of ‘Sleepyhead’ follows with its frank and sometimes detailed account of mental health struggles: ‘Life’s much harder when you’re feeling out of control’; ‘It’s just a fucking mess’.

‘Potomino’ reminded us of Oso Oso with its sunshine-infused hooks and tales of lost love while the self-depreciating ‘Weird Caroline’ finds things quickly spiralling out of control. The band complain ‘I’m boring and I’m bored’ and plead ‘I wish you were here to stay’ to a loved one, while refusing to make their own sacrifices e.g. refusing to leave your the comfort of your hometown as ‘the mountains don’t know my name’ in any other setting.

Camp Trash is one you’ll WANT to get into.


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